Why I use WIX to design my Websites

Here are some of the reasons I like to use WIX.com to design my websites...but if your current site is on a different platform or you prefer to work on another, let's have a chat anyway!

  • Drag and Drop Builder enabling a faster turnaround time than traditional web development.

  • Ease of maintenance - no plug-ins to update and integrated mobile optimisations make it incredibly easy to maintain your mobile-responsive website in the long run.

  • WIX supports a huge number of external integrations for call booking systems and/or shops for example so we can add anything you may need to your website.

  • Custom domains - you can either buy your own domain directly through WIX or link it to one you already own. No more genericURL.com website addresses!

  • In-built site security - you don’t have to worry about your website getting hacked or coming offline, WIX has got you covered.

  • Flexible payment options - you can pay annually or monthly, whatever suits you best

  • Familiarity - I have been working on the platform for a few years so I know how everything works and will be able to train you on how you can maintain your website very easily after we've launched your (new) website.

  • Handing over a finished website to its new rightful owner is as easy as sending an email.

  • All the time I save creating your website with WIX translates directly into a lower cost for you and means we can spend more time getting your brand right!

Already have a website on a different platform? No problem! Let's talk about how I can spruce up your current site anyway…book a free, no obligation consultation call today...


PS: I am also currently looking into partnering up with Create, a Brighton-based website builder.* Their platform is very easy to use and may be even more appealing for those of you just getting your business online.


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