So what is one of my Website Reviews?

My Website Reviews are for those of you that have already got a website which you’ve probably done by yourself. You’re someone who hasn’t got a big budget to invest in a redesign, rebrand or rebuild but you know you could probably make some changes to elevate your website. You’re looking to improve its overall look and feel but you don’t quite know where to start.

If that sounds like you, then my Website Review is for you!

After an initial Discovery CALL to explore the current issues with your website, I will go through all pages of your existing website with a fine tooth comb and analyse where you could make improvements in the following areas:

  • Design theory

  • Photography

  • Desktop vs Mobile

  • User Experience

  • Accessibility

  • Basic SEO

I then write a detailed REPORT (on average 15+ pages but that depends on how many pages your website has) outlining what is working well, noting improvement opportunities and giving you tangible things you can do RIGHT NOW to give your website a little facelift and convert more visitors to clients.

I also like to do a short Follow-up CALL once I’ve sent you the report to make sure you don’t have any lingering questions.

In this Website Review I will not be advising on Branding or Redesigning your site, it is focussed on elevating what you already have so you can keep cost down but still implement small changes that will make a big impact.

Not quite sure? See what Tina from Refocus and Fly had to say about her recent review:

“The website review was amazing and way beyond my expectations! It was so in depth and obvious you had spent a great deal of time on it - your attention to detail is fantastic!

The feedback and tips will greatly improve, not only the appearance of my website, but also increase traffic and make it much more user friendly.

I also love that you packaged it up beautifully so that I could easily understand what was working well and also what could be improved on for each individual section/page.

I cannot recommend your services enough for anyone looking to build or improve a website, you clearly know your stuff! Thank you so much!!!”

Let’s get your website summer ready 😉 get in touch with me today!

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