Why every Business needs a Website


And the long answer consists of the below reasons your business needs a website, even if you’re a one-(wo)man-band:

✓ You’ve probably been asked this before: “Do you have a website?” This is because even if you meet them in person, people like to do their own research before deciding to work with you and they’ll want to start with your website. This legitimises your business, gives you CREDIBILITY and reassures potential clients that you are who you say you are.

✓ A website SHOWCASES who you are, what you do and why you do it like a brick-and-mortar shop would. If you only market on social media you have to keep uploading content whereas your website is a reliable place for whatever content you choose to share.

✓ Your social media accounts could get COMPROMISED, either being hacked or simply closed down. You don’t want to lose your online presence if you’ve just banked on one platform, right?

✓ NOT ALL your clients have social media - the clients that still find you via directories might not be on social media. Do you want to miss out on landing those clients?

✓ Directories don’t bring across your PERSONALITY (aka brand) and all you have to offer. It will be extremely beneficial to be able to redirect them to your website from your directory entries.

✓ Your website will likely show up HIGHER in search engine results because you have more *control* over your SEO* and opportunities to improve it.

✓ Linking your website in your BIO is more professional than an unbranded Linktree(et al) page.

Setting up a website doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive, if you wanna find out how I can help you get your business online - book your free consultation with me today.


*Search Engine Optimisation

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