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Hi, I'm Anja!
Nice to (e-)meet you...

I am a Creative Professional with a background in IT Services and Testing. I was born in Berlin but moved to Brighton in 2010. I love cats, my husband and true crime... (in that order 😉).
I was made redundant late last summer (2020) and have taken the opportunity to retrain into the Creative Industries which is something I've always wanted to do, ever since I glued magazine pictures together for collages at age 14.

Initially, I completed a UX Bootcamp as the field of User Experience brings together my love of human behaviour, technology and design. I loved that journey but felt I wanted to boost my creative skills further.
I then continued to follow my curiosity and learned basic web development, and dove into graphic design.

I have a special interest in the Mental Health & Wellbeing space and have even got a Level 2 qualification in Counselling Skills. So now I help small business owners in this space elevate their websites so they can grow independently. I do this through branding and web design, and providing free and paid resources through my LIBRARY.

You can see my work in my portfolio below, or you can enquire to work with me.

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