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Awww who doesn’t love a good process and diagrams and checking off to dos?? Not you, ah okay, no worries then. Let me just calm down for a minute to explain how I’d like to work with you…

I have come up with a fun way of building your own package (more on that on Friday) but basically this is the process I like to follow to make sure we both have the clarity and understanding we need to work harmoniously on our project. My design slots run week-by-week so our contract will specify when we start and when we hope to finish by.

1. Enquiry & Discovery

Depending on what package/elements you choose the process may vary slightly but of course it all starts with getting to know one another! I love to find out who you are, what you do, how you do it and why so I ask all potential clients to complete my enquiry form. If you’re not quite there yet, I’m always happy to do a no-obligation FREE 30-60 minute Discovery Call to see what you need help with and which of my packages may suit your needs best. Just book in!

2. Onboarding

If we’re both happy to proceed with our project, there is some (boring) paperwork to do and my 50% deposit to be paid to secure your design slot. But once that’s done, I can set up our Asana Project Plan so you can follow along with progress. I will also always send major updates by email, and we’ll have regular check-ins to make sure we’re still on the same page.

3. Review, Design & Refine

And then you sit back and relax for a bit and let me do all the work! As I work through all the elements I’ll ask for feedback on certain milestones and to stay on track I’ll ask for a 48hr turnaround from you. If you have chosen for me to build your new site as well, then another 25% of the fee is due upon signing off the final designs.

4. Build

Depending on what package/elements you choose, I’ll then be able to build your new website for you based on the Review and/or Designs we agreed upon in the previous stage. I will temporarily need access to your website to do this. We may also discuss moving your site to another platform if it’s more convenient or makes maintenance easier.* Final payment is due when this stage is complete.

5. Launch & Celebrate

And then it’s already time to launch! Once you’re happy with all the work we can hit that “Publish” button and have a little (virtual) celebration! Nothing is sweeter than a brand new website and you’ll want to tell everyone about it!


These really depend on what you choose but I offer services that I can turn around in 24hrs up to 6-week long projects. There is something for every budget and every business size! Stay tuned for more info on Friday...

Ready to get stuck in? I can’t wait to hear from you!



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*If you don’t have a website yet, it makes this bit slightly easier as we just need to choose the right platform for you and get building!

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